Appliance Maintenance & Service Plans

Introducing our comprehensive appliance maintenance and service plans!


We understand the importance of hassle-free and reliable home appliances, which is why we have designed these plans to streamline maintenance and tune-up processes for our valued customers. With our plans, you can wave goodbye to the worry of unexpected repair costs and extend the lifespan of your appliances.


Our licensed and trained technicians will provide regular maintenance, ensuring that your appliances are operating at their peak performance. By opting for our cost-effective plans, you can save money compared to traditional repair services and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your appliances are in expert hands. Experience the convenience, savings, and reliability our plans offer, all for as low as a Netflix subscription.

Basic Coverage

Basic Maintenance For 1 Appliance
$ 8
/ Month (Billed Yearly)
  • Yearly Inspection
  • Appliance Tuneup
  • 20% Discount On Repair Labor [*1]

Regular Coverage

Basic + Free Repair Labor For 1 Appliance
$ 14
/ Month (Billed Yearly)
  • Yearly Inspection & Tuneup
  • Repair Labor Free
  • 15% Discount On Parts
  • Discounted Repair On Other Appliances [*2]

Advanced Coverage

Regular + 1 Appliance & Vent Cleaning
$ 24
/ Month (Billed Yearly)
  • Yearly Inspection & Tuneup For 2 Appliances
  • Repair Labor Free For 2 Appliances
  • 15% Discount On Parts
  • Free Yearly Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Additional Appliances $6.49 Extra [*3]
Best Value

[*1] 20% Discount from Basic Coverage applies strictly to repair labor on the appliance for which coverage is purchased.

[*2] Other appliances benefit from Regular Coverage by inheriting the 15% discount on parts & getting a 20% discount on the repair labor. The repair labor for the appliance for which coverage is purchased is free.

[*3] Adding extra appliances to your coverage plan (beyond the 2 appliances covered initially) will cost $6.49 / month billed yearly, per appliance. On a no-term subscription, each additional appliance covered will cost $8.47 per month.


Note: Coverage only applies for appliances at the same location. Plans and coverage are not applicable to several different locations, or if appliances change during coverage, unless expressly approved by our service advisors.

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