Sealed System Leak & Compressor Repair

Dealing with a sealed system issue? Whether your refrigerator is knocked out by a refrigerant leak, a punctured evaporator, or even a defective compressor - our professional refrigerator repair technicians have got your back.

Our team of professional ODP & CFC licensed technicians is expertly trained at performing efficient, effective & affordable refrigerator sealed system repairs.

Trusted By Manfacturers, Backed By Warranty

A sealed system repair is a substantial investment into keeping the fridge you know and love running for years to come. With that, it's important to find a company you can really trust and count on to do the job right, the first time around.

Our team performs in-warranty sealed system repairs for brands like Frigidaire, Electrolux, Blomberg, Fhiaba, Fulgor Milano, LG and more. And to top it off - every repair we perform is covered by a comprehensive 6-month warranty on parts and labour.

Samsung & LG Fridge Sealed System Repair

Samsung and LG both make amazing fridges. However, some of their models are prone to sealed system issues that start to present themselves out of the factory.


LG linear compressors are covered by a 10-year warranty on parts. However, LG doesn’t cover the labour and frequently customers may turn towards their $250 flat-rate repair program only to find out that their sealed system would not be covered and that they would have to pay extra to repair their unit in the end. 


On the other hand, Samsung only  offers 5 years of warranty coverage on their refrigerators. All in-warranty repairs to a Samsung sealed system have to be done through Samsung directly. Though, we would be happy to help with your out of warranty Samsung fridge sealed system repair.


Here at Vancouver Appliance Service Pros, we like to keep our pricing simple. We bill $135 + GST to  diagnose your fridge ($180 + GST for high-end models like Subzero, Gaggenau, Fulgor, Bosch, Fhiaba, Thermador, Liebherr and others).


If the issue is a sealed-system issue, we will repair your refrigerator for $700 flat-rate labour, plus the cost of parts and supplies. On average, you’ll be looking at a total cost of $1,100 – $1,300 for the entire repair including the diagnostic, labour, and parts / supplies, plus taxes.


Other Sealed System Services We Offer

While doing end to end sealed system jobs on refrigerators is our bread and butter, we are also experts at  a couple other smaller service offerings. Learn about all of our other sealed system repair, recovery & diagnostic services below.

Refrigerator Recharge (R134A / R600A)

Most  of the time, if your fridge needs a refrigerant  recharge, it’s due to a leak. Our technicians will be happy to diagnose and repair the leak for you as part of our refrigerator sealed system repair service. Once the leak is repaired, we will then charge your fridge according to manufacturer specifications.

Fridge Compressor Replacement

Dealing with a seized or inefficient compressor that’s keeping your fridge running warm? No worries – we can help!


Our professional refrigeration technicians can replace your compressor quickly and easily as soon as tomorrow. Call us today to get an accurate quote, and book an appointment for your refrigerator compressor repair.

Refrigerant Recovery & Removal

Getting rid of a fridge? Did you know that you can’t dispose of a refrigerator or any other refrigeration device without evacuating the refrigerant first?


Very few fridges these days use freon, but  it’s still a requirement to have an ODP / CFC certified professional recover & dispose of the refrigerant in your fridge before you recycle it or send it off to a  dump.

Our expert technicians can help with this.


This will only cost you our call-out of $135.00 + GST.

Refrigerator sealed system repair services by Vancouver Appliance Service Pros.
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